Principal Investigator: Charles W. Drescher, MD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Access to potential research populations and associated clinical information is critical to the research and translational objectives of the POCRC. Our Clinical Core is responsible for enrolling patients in POCRC studies, ensuring access to a large referral base of ovarian cancer patients in the region and to women at risk for ovarian cancer. The Core unites a broad community of patient care providers along the West Coast from Seattle, Washington, to Los Angeles, California and includes world-renowned researchers at The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, The University of Washington, Swedish Medical Center, Stanford University, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Together providers at these sites see a large number and a broad spectrum of patients ranging from women concerned about and/or at risk for developing ovarian cancer and women receiving ovarian cancer screening to women presenting with symptoms, undergoing surgery, and women receiving treatment and follow-up care for ovarian cancer.

The Clinical Core develops and implements protocols for recruiting, enrolling, and tracking research participants and collecting epidemiological and clinical data to complete research objectives of SPORE projects and inter-SPORE collaborations. All information generated by the Clinical Core with respect to participant enrollment, consent, contact and epidemiological and clinical pathological data, is managed by the POCRC informatics systems to ensure and preserve study participants’ confidentiality.

All information generated by the Clinical Core with respect to participant enrollment, consent, contact and epidemiological and clinical pathological data is entered into the POCRC informatics systems. All data entered into the system receives a secondary review for quality control purposes. The informatics systems generate for the Core data forms and follow up reminders for tracking participants enrolled by the Core in POCRC studies. Cancer patients sign medical consents that allow the Clinical Core to access their medical records for up to five years post surgery. Medical charts are reviewed by the research nurse quarterly to obtain CA125 measures and other indications that provide information about the woman’s health status. This information helps to identify subjects for various POCRC research studies.

The specific aims of the Clinical Core are to:

  • Maintain a shared resource for the recruitment, enrollment, and follow-up of study participants in current and future SPORE research studies. This includes a database network of women who have participated in research and are interested in future research opportunities as well as women who are interested in being considered for future research and/or activities associated with the SPORE program, such as the Advocacy Group.
  • Facilitate the collection of biological specimens and corresponding coordinated clinical data in order to assist SPORE projects and inter-SPORE research studies in selecting specific characterized specimens and matched controls.
  • Continue to nurture communication between SPORE investigators and community physicians.

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