Principal Investigator: Martin McIntosh, PhD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

The Informatics Core, staffed by biostatisticians and informatics experts, plays a vital role in the scientific success of the POCRC by interacting with each project to ensure that only scientifically rigorous investigations are performed. The Informatics Core is organized around the two main functions of 1) data management and 2) experimental design and analysis.

To facilitate data management in a Consortium that includes several institutions and Inter-SPORE collaborations, the Informatics Core seeks to standardize protocols for recruitment, characterization and follow-up of participants as well as standardized blood collection, processing, storage, and analysis of specimens. It is responsible for organizing all information associated with specimens in the POCRC specimen repository, including the type and quantity of specimen available from each participant, specimen location and use, corresponding clinical and epidemiological data, and the results of all experimental measurements conducted on each specimen.

The Informatics Core brings together biostatistical, informatics and database experts to support the information and analysis needs of the individual SPORE projects. We have developed a comprehensive informatics system that maintains data for all study participants and their associated specimens. We have also provided analytic support for a variety of studies that have utilized these specimens, resulting in several published and submitted manuscripts dealing with quantitative issues, including the analysis of micro array data and new bead-based ELISA type biomarker assays.

The Core is organized around two main functions, statistical oversight and data management. It will:

  • Support emerging experimental design, data analysis and data interpretation needs of the SPORE projects.
  • Refine and operate the informatics system which manages all SPORE projects’ data, including experiential data, specimen resources, and data from multi-center trials and inter-SPORE collaborations. A web-based data entry system was developed to enable investigators off-site to enter participant information directly into the database.

All SPORE project investigators work closely with Informatics Core staff to ensure their project uses an adequate number and type of specimens to answer the research question at hand. This service is also available to investigators wishing to request specimens from the POCRC.

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